karen gilchristHi, I’m Karen Gilchrist.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Wine Tourism industry, I am passionate about designing creative, customized wine and culinary experiences for you in Chile, Argentina, and France.

Our handcrafted tours bring you the best wine and food experiences in those three wine countries and the spirit of each region we visit.

You will have numerous opportunities to meet local people, take part in cultural and outdoor activities, and enjoy luxury lodgings in beautiful small hotels.

Our multidisciplinary bilingual team has years of experience arranging and guiding high-quality travel experiences and will be looking after every single detail throughout your trip.

Every day will be a unique experience, giving you many great memories to take home—and a good reason to return.
Happy travels!!

Founder & Trip Planner
Karen Gilchrist Wine Tours and Wine Travel Chile


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